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Julieta (2016)

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Julieta (2016)
Julieta (2016) Plot Summary :

Julieta (Emma Suarez) may be a old girl living in Madrid along with her beau Lorenzo. each ar about to move to European nation once she nonchalantly runs into Bea, former succor of her girl Antia, WHO reveals that this one resides in Suisse married and with 3 youngsters. With the center broken when twelve years of total absence of her girl, Julieta cancels the journey to European nation and she or he moves to her former building, within the hope that Antia sometime communicates along with her causing a letter. Alone along with her thoughts, Julieta starts to write down her reminiscences to confront the pain of the events happened once she was a youngster (Adriana Ugarte) and met Xoan, a Galician fisher. Falling loving with him, Julieta divides her time between the family, the task and therefore the education of Antia till a fatality changes their lives. Slowly decaying in a very depression, Julieta is helped by Antia and Bea, however sooner or later Antia goes missing suddenly when a vacation with no clues concerning wherever to search out.

Julieta (2016) Credited Cast :

Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Writers: Pedro Almodóvar, Alice Munro (short stories)
Stars: Emma Suárez, Adriana Ugarte, Daniel Grao

Julieta (2016)

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