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Mushrooms (2011)

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Chatrak (2011) Plot Summary
Mushrooms is one amongst those films that leave plenty to question. Sri Lankan film maker Vimukthi Jayasundara sets his film in up to date state and explores existential anxiety amid a landscape of urbanization.

The film opens during a forest wherever a mad man roams around as if he’s a region of the foliage. In another a part of the forest a far off soldier is guarding the border and stopping bootleg immigrants from getting into. the 2 men’s ways cross and that they notice temporary comradeliness by jumping naked into a close-by lake till this surreal encounter is interrupted by some picnickers.

In the town of urban center, Rahul (Sudip Mukherjee), associate designer returns from metropolis. His beautiful girlfriend Paoli (Paoli Dam) has been expecting him. Rahul works on a construction web site and as he goes concerning his daily routine, he appears like a person WHO is preoccupied. he’s in search of his mentally challenged brother.

His girlfriend Paoli is auxiliary however encompasses a mystery of her own. She encompasses a young traveler WHO keeps hard to please cash. meantime Rahul appears enthralled by a lady WHO may be a neighbour and keeps singing and narrating stories to somebody. Rahul’s quest after his brother finally yields results once he’s found sleeping on a tree within the forest. The couple bring him home however it’s difficult and his presence creates a lot of of a disconnect between the 2.

Ironically, Rahul lets go of his brother and leaves him back within the forest. His own life doesn’t appear to be taking abundant of a certain direction either. All the characters tho’ connected in how appear distant and lonely. meantime populated area and high-rise buildings take over inexperienced fields. because the film crawls the sensation of despair and desolateness solely gets stronger.

It is not clear why the foreign soldier was guarding a border in state. it’s conjointly not clear why Rahul lets go of the brother he extremely wished to seek out and however he doesn’t do abundant to vary his state. Paoli appears to be simply another distant however terribly enticing a part of the story. The visual pictures that stay square measure a lot of of the distinction between the concrete and jungle. The characters appear to be a region of the larger theme of things however leading a pointless existence.

The subject matter of Mushrooms is sort of advanced and troublesome to grasp. apparently, the film has generated quite interest within the media in India and is being rumored for the 2 scenes of complete condition. However, within the film it’s solely the despair that’s stark and naked. Written by Heri

Chatrak (2011) Credited Cast
Director: Vimukthi Jayasundara
Stars: Paoli Dam, Tómas Lemarquis and Sudip Mukherjee

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