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Q Desire (2011)

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Q Desire (2011)

Q Desire (2011) Plot Summary
There area unit worse ways in which of spreading the word a couple of new French language pic than analytic the naughty bits and stringing them along on Redtube and also the like. Worse ways, too, than seeding the web with stills and clips of thespian Deborah Revy naked or kneel for a mouthful of cock. And showing that mouthful altogether of its mouthwatering glory.
But still, anybody walking into director Laurent Bouhnik’s Q (Desire) expecting a wall to wall fuck fest is certain a surprise, as French film-making seems another in this long line of films (Betty Blue, The Hairdresser’s Husband etc) destined to become a Stateside cult favorite just by virtue of its honesty.
Q is nominally the story of Cecile, mid-20s and gorgeous, mourning the recent death of her father – WHOse ashes she carries around in a very Tupperware instrumentality – by creating a pass or a lot of at nearly each guy who comes near her… with the exception of the one guy WHO makes the pass 1st. He simply lands up in a very ball on the ground, clutching his crushed testicles.

Her own young man probability (Johnny Amaro) isn’t precisely blameless; a lot of interested, it seems, in hanging out along with his mates than defrayment time with Cecile, we tend to meet him naked within the room by a blinking chemical element light-weight, with associate degree equally en deshabille Cecile trying to pump some life into him. Unsuccessfully. thus she appearance elsewhere – and not essentially deliberately, however actually with a degree of crafty, she begins to weave along the lives of one or two of native youth, male and feminine, unhealthy boys and businessmen, just by doing what she looks to try to to best. wanting beautiful.
She is delightfully unashamed. One guy is seduced whereas he talks along with his own girlfriend. Another is mesmerized just so she will be able to steal his wireless telephone. And once a few of tries to induce the native purposey-faced goth guy Matt (Gowan Didi – WHO very got to be consequent Reb Depp) into bed come short at the terribly serious fondling point, she turns her attention to his girlfriend Alice (Helene Zimmer), WHO herself undergoes a desirable metamorphosis because the pic goes on.
The first time we tend to see her, she is that the drawn-faced, spectacled learner lady whose 1st shot at giving her young man a fellatio is unforgettable a lot of for her speech than her technique. The second-to-last time, she is half-naked within the rest room whereas Cecile finger fucks her to what was most likely the primary tight coming of her entire mouse-like life.
In between times, she is ogled by a hard hat, fingered whereas her momma stands simply feet away – and Cecile’s not-quite-unwilling collaborator in one in every of the most well liked reconciliation scenes you’ll see, as associate degree unloved couple area unit lured on an individual basis, and inadvertently, to a deserted house, blind and stripped and so placed on a couch, whereas alternative hands present them to 1 another. Watch it and wriggle.

So am I still insistence Q isn’t a creation flick? i’m. For a begin, there aren’t any lingering close-ups of penetrative sex, no splattering semen shots or wide, agape assholes. It is true, that certain ain’t no lolly that Cecile pulls out of Matt’s unzipped pants and sucks like it’s going out of fashion; and once she lures the tasteless businessperson to a beach hut assignation, then pushes him to his knees before her, his tongue is aware of precisely wherever to travel.
But the sex in Q is simply a vicinity of the movie’s attraction and fascination. Cecile is certainly the catalyst and reason behind lots of need, however her actions area unit designed around a more-than-plausible subplot. Likewise, the lives of the movie’s main characters area unit lived around, and not amidst, the eroticism, all the a lot of thus as Cecile’s policy of sultry subversion begins to blur with a few of native gangbangers’ feud with a neighborhood businessmen.
Beautiful camerawork, sensitive subtitles (at least on the united kingdom version; I’ve not however seen the North American nation edition) associate degreed an almost-unanimously well-favoured solid (at least among the younger generation) area unit the icing on this 103 minute cake; Bouhnik’s direction is exquisite and also the French coastal scenery may be a mailing-card in itself. In alternative words… well, I chanced on Q courtesy of associate degree eleven minute picture of sex scenes on the aforesaid tube website, and currently rank it among my favorite European movies of all time. Watch it and you may most likely feel an equivalent manner. Written by Irza

Q Desire (2011) Credited Cast
Director and Writer: Laurent Bouhnik (screenplay) (adaptation) (dialogue)
Stars: Déborah Révy, Helene Zimmer and Gowan Didi

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