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Stand Up Guys (2012)

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Stand Up Guys (2012)

Stand Up Guys (2012) Plot Summary
Veering between pal picture show and action-thriller, “Stand Up Guys” could be a gently raunchy, with modesty diverting geriatric comedy major Al Pacino, Saint Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin as retired gangsters WHO reunite for one last night on the city. Relying too heavily on jokes of the old-habits-die-hard and they-don’t-make-’em-like-they-used-to kind whereas incorporating conventions from and sendups of uncounted alternative pics, director Fisher Stevens’ talkative, tongue-in-cheek feature is most likable once the most characters area unit merely taking part in off one another. Lionsgate’s Jan unharness can skew toward older auds and certain post its best numbers in appurtenant.
Unspooling over a less-than-24-hour amount throughout which era is of the essence, the plot revolves around whether or not Doc (Walken) can prove the maximum amount of a stand-up guy as his former ally and partner in crime, Val (Pacino). Val served twenty eight years in jail for accidentally killing the son of crime boss Claphands (Mark Margolis), an occurrence within which he may have concerned Doc. Meanwhile, the still vindictive Claphands has ordered Doc to dispatch Val on the terribly day of his unharness on parole.

Happy to be free finally, Val simply needs to party. Doc decides to indulge his pal for a spell, taking him to the bagnio they accustomed frequent, solely to search out the madam has retired to FL, deed the business to her girl (Lucy Punch). Val’s inability to induce it up ends up in a pharmacy housebreaking and a few of the pic’s funniest moments, once Doc decides to fill up on medications with a high co-pay.

When Val wants treatment for a virility drug dose, helmer Stevens even includes associate degree “ER” joke as nurse Semitic deity (Julianna Margulies) wheels him into the hospital. Semitic deity happens to be the girl of their former get-away driver, Hirsch (Arkin), whom the blokes impulsively attempt to rescue from his rest home. even as Doc and Val will still choose a lock and pack a robust punch despite being advanced in years, so, too, will Hirsch still drive like associate degree Indy champion; cue a high-speed automotive chase that feels as tired because the earlier pathology jokes.

First-time scribe Noah Haidle, glorious for his plays, offers the book a circular structure, delivery the blokes back to the bagnio, Semitic deity and Doc’s favorite diner in order that old needs could also be consummated, tributes paid and secrets disclosed. though a number of the dialogue is really funny, the pic tends to over-milk situational humor, and a scene of unmotivated violence against a Korean tradesman strikes a extremely wrong note.

A thesp and docu producer directional his second fiction feature (after 2002’s “Just a Kiss”), Stevens showing wisdom lets the celebs commemorate mocking their own geezer-tude. Pacino gets the showiest role and attacks it with wild-eyed gusto; in contrast, it’s nice to examine Walken because the restrained character for a amendment, though he is ready to add his trademark jig. Arkin exhibits his usual aptitude during a smaller half. because the title suggests, it is a man’s world, and also the distaff perfs area unit nothing special.

Sharp-looking technical school package is distinguished by archangel Grady’s in darkness stunning widescreen lensing, that lends a number of the diner shots the design of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks.” Reliable sound recording includes original songs by Jon Bon Jovi. Written by Irza

Stand Up Guys (2012) Credited Cast
Director: Fisher Stevens
Writer: Noah Haidle
Stars: Al Pacino, Alan Arkin and Christopher Walken

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