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The Hit (2016)

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The Hit (2016)
The Hit (2016) Plot Summary :

AJ Cross and Inna Beynishes star within the fresh new comedy The Hit, a pic which will the proper coming back older romance since Roman vacation. Set amidst the skyline of latest royal family town, The Hit may be a trendy romance that unites Kam and Val, 2 unlikely commiserates, UN agency should unite within the search of a rare coin that dates back to the time of the traditional Egyptians. With solely their professed love and religion will they survive the task of restoring a coin which will be joined to a lost kingdom and is a component of a world intrigue. As a combine of dubios repo men begin to lurk within the shadows, Kam and Val should understand a thought to bring the coin safely back to England therefore it’s restored for its creative sake. however as public attention begins to grow and a world incident could also be at hand, Kam ANd Val should act quick and consider how to preserve the best heritage for the sake of posterity and hope that an ancient curse might not return a second time.

The Hit (2016) Credited Cast :

Director: Aj Cross
Writer: Aj Cross
Stars: Aj Cross, Inna Beynishes, Peter Murphy

Live by Night (2016)

The Hit (2016) Full Trailers :

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