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Way to Abbottabad (2016)

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Way to Abbottabad (2016)
Way to Abbottabad (2016) Plot Summary :

“Way to Abbottabad” could be a hard-hitting political and family heroic tale specializing in the ascent tale of a man’s perseverance in pursuit of justice that ends up in peace among the nations so as to profit the globe in its prevailing battle against a scenery of evil. Once, the globe was divided as B.C and A.D. Silently, the globe divided once more as”Before 9/11″ and “After 9/11.” it had been not written on rock, still undocumented and unspeakable. “Way To Abbottabad” is that the chariot that may unify the individuals to revive the overwhelming joy that we tend to had B9/11.

Way to Abbottabad (2016) Credited Cast :

Director: Tom George
Writers: Justin DiSandro (screenplay), Tom George (screenplay)
Stars: Jonathan Bennett, Yvette Rachelle, Julie Ann Dawson

Way to Abbottabad (2016)

Way to Abbottabad (2016) Full Trailers :

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